Nineteen Live Recordings has been re-released.

Long out of print and unstreamable, 2013’s Nineteen Live Recordings is available again.


Dreams of Field Recordings is a an artist-managed cooperative record label run by The Hotelier, Emperor X, and (soon) other artists who join the cooperative. Both artists’ back catalogs are now available via DoFR here. To learn more about our ideas and our plans for 2020, visit the about page. To get things rolling right away, we just released this new Emperor X track.

Complete Discography for $40.

Like all non-profit-motivated ventures, we will only grow as fast as the support of the music community we live in lets us. If you want to contribute to our initial growth phase and help fund releases for 2020 and beyond, consider buying everything we’ve released for the past decade in one click, below. All donations will receive a reply email containing a link to a .zip file of every release by The Hotelier and Emperor X in hi-res MP3 format.


On Wed., January 29th at 3:00 p.m. Eastern, Christian from The Hotelier and Chad from Emperor X hosted a brief live stream presentation to explain the plans for Dreams of Field and why the cooperative structure might be a better fit for music scenes than benevolent but still profit-motivated LLCs. Click below to watch it.

Click here to join the webinar.