The OP-1 Seed Tape of “Freeway in Heaven”

This is an OP-1-formatted stack of audio files I found on my hard drive a few days ago. It’s the origin of “Freeway in Heaven” and I hadn’t heard it in almost two years when I ran across it this morning. It’s very clear that this was a very primitive version of the song in some ways, but I’m surprised about how coherent it sounds. It’s also kind of exciting to think about other directions this song could have taken, other tracks that might have emerged from the rhythm and the melodic material, especially the pad-like vocal samples on track 3, and — crucially — other tracks that might still emerge, either from my work or from work anyone reading/downloading this decides to do on these elements.

(This stuff is still copyrighted but I encourage you to play with it and use it in your own tracks. We can split writer credit. Send me an email if you come up with something great.)

The attached .WAV file is a preview mixdown.

Click here to download it: