Dreams of Field Recordings works much like other small independent labels, but with three key differences that make the DIY/punk ethos an explicit, rather than implied, part of its organizational DNA:

1. NON-PROFIT MOTIVE: 100% of the label profits must be reinvested into member-artists and their releases. While many labels spend profits more or less like this already out of good faith, DoFR will bake this requirement into artist contracts and its founding articles of organization. This lowers economic incentive to invest only in projects that are more likely to sell, leaving more room on the release schedule for albums that challenge the current state of music.

2. DEMOCRACY: Major decisions (such as signing new bands) will be made by a board of all artists signed to the label on a consensus basis. Day-to-day operations will be carried out by working groups (paid people), performing the tasks label owners perform, but accountable to the artist board. Much of this structure is not necessary for Dreams of Field as only two artists are cooperative members, but as we grow, honoring this principle will become increasingly important.

3. TRANSPARENCY: Label financial statements, including a list of all label/artist revenue and costs, are available to the public above. This is an attempt to eliminate the confusion of music makers and their fans about how capital flows around music communities.

Financial Statements.

February 2020 (past date: March 1, 2020)

Articles of Organization.

Articles of Organization, v0.1 (28 January 2020) will be posted after ratification.

Operating Agreement.

Operating Agreement, v0.1 (28 January 2020) will be posted after ratification.